The Controller General of Prisons Ja'afaru Ahmed has taken a swipe on petition writers and sponsors of fake publications in the print and social media. The CG advised grieve bearers to seek redress through the normal channel, pointing out that such writings and publications will only serve to demean the very place where they work.


The CG made this comments at the occasion of the decoration of some of the 7,210 officers and men promoted to their various new ranks. The breakdown of this number comprises 3,402 senior officers and 3,808 junior. 


The CG while reeling out the numbers for senior officers said 6 Controllers of Prisons (CP) were promoted to the rank of Assistant Controller General of Prisons, 36 DCPs moved to the rank of CP while 63 ACPs were elevated to the rank of DCP. 72 CSPs to ACPs, 150 SPs to CSPs, 323 DSPs to SPs, 294 ASPs I to DSPs, ASPs II to ASPs I, 25 ACIPs to DCIPs, 24 PIP I to ACIP, 73 PIP II to PIP I, and 900 SIPs to PIP II. ‘


Ja'afaru, while congratulating the newly promoted admonished them to face squarely the higher responsibilities that naturally come with elevation, pointing out that promotion is a call to higher responsibilities. 


He also had some words of consolation and encouragement for those who missed out in the promotion explaining that the whole promotion exercise was hinged on the vacancies available. He said they should be patient and that in due course it would be their turn.