Nigerian Prisons Service

The Operations Directorate is currently headed by E. Ogundele, mni


The Operations Directorate has the responsibility of among others:

1. Ensuring that all prisons nation-wide are administered according to law and managed in conformity with the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Offenders in custody;

2. Ensure the maintenance of acceptable standard of activities in all prison according to their security categorization;

3. Ensuring proper control by setting appropriate machinery in motion for effective monitoring of inmates for enhanced security management: thwarting escapes, prevention and containment of riots and generally providing secure environment for the staff and inmates in the performance of prison duties;

4. Collection of statistical data for planning and research for improved service delivery;

5. To enlighten the general public on the activities of the Service thereby enlisting their cooperation toward the reintegration of discharged inmates into the society;

6. The Directorate also assures security for Escort duty staff as well as the inmates they convey to courts and to other prisons;

7. Providing enhanced intra-service communications etc.