Nigerian Prisons Service

The Nigerian Prisons Service publishes some periodicals and magazines for the purpose of educating and informing the public on issues concerning the Prisons Administration in Nigeria.



The following publications are being maintained for the purpose.

1.  The NPS Newsletter:

As a news bulletin, this publication is aimed at reporting events and developments as they unfold within and around the Prison circle.

2. The Reformer Magazine:

This publication is aimed at a more indebt look at issues concerning Corrections and Penal Administration in Nigeria. Articles published are results of researches conducted.

3. The Transformation Digest:

The Transformation Digest is a publication of essays and articles on global Corrections. This Publication is broad based and not restricted to Nigeria. The aim is to promote best practice in the administration of Prison and Corrections in Nigeria.           

4. Annual Report:

The Annual Report is the comprehensive report of the activities, achievements and challenges of the preceding year.   

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